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To our esteemed guests. Welcome to the Hathaway House, your home away from home. Hathaway House is run by Elisabeth Martin who will graciously welcome you to St. Marys. Enjoy your stay in a quaint Victorian Queen Anne Style style home featuring a sitting room, 3 available bedrooms, outdoor patio and internet access, all within a soothing, relaxing atmosphere. We provide a full fresh breakfast and will be happy to accommodate any special dietary needs.

Also known as "Stone Town" St. Marys is a historical place well known for its cement factory. The Lind family lived at the residence for several years. Further indications revealed that it was built before the turn of the last century in 1898.

We are located at 44 St. Andrew Street South St. Marys ON

N4X 1A4 PO Box 2616

To book an appointment call: (519) 284-1137

Email us at: elisabethmartin@sympatico.ca

In 1898, Mr. Frank E. Butcher built four houses on Jones and St. Andrew. Three were identical but the corner one, No. 44 St. Andrew St. was more elaborate. They are framed versions of the Queen Anne style, and may have been designed by J.G. Humphries.

Elison Butcher, a jellewer and son of Frank Butcher, lived at 44 St. Andrew for a period of time and the home remained in possession of the Butcher family till the mid 1950s. When the J.G. Lind family of St. Marys Cement Co. first moved to St. Marys, this was their home.

In 1968 it was converted into a duplex apartment and Mrs. Irving operated an antique store out of the upper apartment. In 1975 it was converted back into a single family home. In 1985 it was sold to Maria Hathaway who established a very successful B & B. We wish to continue with this tradition, welcoming guests into our home, old and new, and hopefully make their stay a pleasant experience.




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